Just a little bit of King Diamond to improve my mood… I’m taking an embrace and extend approach to being labeled a satanic socialist.

Bolsonaro winning the Brazilian election will lead to my wife and I exploring our options to move to Denmark, provided we can find her a Power Systems Engineering teaching position at a DK university.

Such a shame to see a lovely country go to ruin at the hands of a fascist.

Brazilians: We’d vote overwhelmingly for Lula if he was allowed to run for president. Also Brazilians: Since we can’t have a nice center left president, we’ll elect a fascist who also happens to be a domestic terrorist (I shit you not).

Things are dire…

It’s not exactly a comfort that 46.07% of the population voted for a homophobic racist misogynistic fascist gun nut (no really, he is by his own words and deeds exactly this) who seems intent on making the average Bind villain seem reasonable.

Election Day and already things start well, it’s pouring down rain. Go vote people, but please do not hand power to the unwise, the unthinking and the hateful.

Okay time to try Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Naturally I’m playing a Chaotic Good rogue because I wanna rob the rich in the name of good… who honestly wouldn’t?

Remember a Danish person was behind both PHP and C++, as a nation we have much to apologize for.

Let’s distort history. Christians, it’s really simple. Hitler was one of you guys, by his own words. He thought he was doing your God’s work. We literally have his own words attesting to this in black and fucking white as well as on film.

Stop distorting history.

Since switching to @Overcastfm (in support of the developers stance on privacy) I’ve noticed that I pretty much stopped listening to podcasts. Primarily because while a version of Overcast does exists for my iPhone 5, it crashes on launch which means I can’t listen on the bus.

Last minute change I’d love to iOS 12, disable sounds by default for notifications.

Your app does not need to subject me to that level of annoyance, if it does I will tell it… okay?

Last night I finished read Snuff to my wife, only two books left followed by an eternity without anymore Pratchett books. It’s enough to make a grown man weep.

This good girl turned 15 today.. she celebrated with a truly epic nap.

On growing up in a democratic socialist hellhole of forced diversity

When I grew up in Denmark during the 90’s my home was next to an older building which was used as a care facility for young people with Down’s Syndrome and similar illnesses. We saw them daily on the bus going to and from their work, they were lovely people. Friendly but not very talkative as they had a hard time relating to the world and didn’t expect people to understand them. We tried but we were thankful for having them in our neighborhood, they were good people and never caused any problems. I especially remember one young couple who lived in different care facilities, she would come to the bus stop to pick him up regularly and to send him back home. All love should be as pure and unencumbered as what those two shared.

When it came time to build new facilities for them, the building was briefly used to host Somalians who had been granted asylum but needed homes of their own. When they first moved in they made the best show of being part of the community I’ve ever seen. They came here with nothing and yet they invited us all to the rundown building they called home for a party. They made us their native foods and tried to talk to us about what their lives were like. The whole community showed up and we learned a lot about our new neighbors, even if we didn’t immediately take to their foods.

Sure they had problems fitting in, e.g. it had to be explained to them that piling garbage against our shared hedge was not appropriate and that we had people who pick that up regularly instead. Few things smell like rotting milk in your garden during summer but it happened once and never again. Likewise that pouring used cooking oil into the sink was not a great way to dispose of it, but nothing a plumber couldn’t fix. No harm was intended by anyone and no offense was meant nor taken.

The families didn’t stay long, for one thing the house was no longer a nice place to live and they deserved better. I hope they found it and should one of them read this, thank you for the lovely food. I have since learnt to appreciate more ethnic cooking, which enriches my life. Like most danes the path to, not just my heart but a great many other things, goes past a plate of food.

When the city started talking about tearing down the building and making a facility to house criminally insane young people in our neighborhood… that was the only time our community ever balked. We liked our lovable special needs people and our foreigners, but we were not comfortable with what this might present in a neighborhood which was known to be peaceful and safe, with good schools and plenty of nature. Maybe we should have been open to the idea but it did not feel like the best place to put what would essentially be a jail with doctors. Plans changed and they built a new care facility for special needs people instead.

To my joy the last time I visited my parents home in Denmark I realized that not only were the two love birds still together but now they both lived in the new facility. She still takes him to the bus, sends him off to work with a kiss and greets him when he comes home with tales of how much she missed him and vice versa.

I feel fortunate for having been exposed to such diversity in my childhood, and yes, it was such a hellish thing growing up under a democratic socialist government which forced this to happen… it really was.

I genuinely feel that the world would be a better place if more men wore kilts. Kilts are stylish and practical.

If anyone knows any of the Apple Books engineers I’d be genuinely interested in talking with them about performance and behavior with large libraries. I have one such library (+20 GB and +4000 items) I’d be happy to perform tests on for them or provide access to.

There is a lot I like about Workflow but it falls short in quite a number of ways. You end up building some complicated pipelines just to do simple things (e.g. no padding of numbers). I often end up sending work to my Mac just to do the same job using a shell script.

The one thing that worries me about the increasing average revenue on iPhones is that they pride themselves on that number going up which means it is less likely that we will get a good affordable phone like the iPhone SE ever again.

Apple are really on a spree of bad decisions right now. Truly impressive. AdGuard Pro for iOS in its current form will be discontinued due to Apple’s policy

I can’t be the only one who was disappointed to learn that Koch Brothers was pronounced like coke not cock. Because such obvious dicks should really be named with honesty.

Openbook, another attempt to make a better social network.

I support the dream of a social network which does not track you or mine your data for profit. Even if you don’t, if you have no money to spare or if you have little faith in the project’s chances of success, then at least watch the pitch video for to see a man in a Tetris suit dance like nobody is watching.

Openbook The honest, open-source & awesome social network.


Wonderful somehow Spotlight got itself into a state where I cannot rebuild the index as it is stuck in the changing state and it does not return any results. I also can’t delete the cache because of SIP permissions.

That is an impressive cascade of fuck ups right there.

My dachshund is the most epic napper I’ve ever known.

Gave up on sleep, took my morning amphetamine and powered through instead. It paid off as I already filed 3 detailed bug reports this morning for 100% reliable app crashes.

No, you cannot have nice things if I can’t have sleep.

Texas, welcome to the genocide state. [Mass Graves of Immigrants Found in Texas, But State Says No Laws Were Broken Democracy Now!](https://www.democracynow.org/2015/7/16/mass_graves_of_immigrants_found_in)

After having used Sublime Text for ages, after reinstalling on my new Mac I can’t seem to get the Fish Shell package working again.. rather than waste my time I tried out Visual Studio Code and it is rather magnificent for the purpose.