Nothing goes to waste in my kitchen. The leftovers from the tomato sauce production was turned into lovely herbal tomato bread. Delightful with salami and cheese.

Terrible things Disney have taught people. In Snow White, breaking and entering is perfectly cool providing you clean the place up.

Amazon on privacy issues in other vendors products:…

Amazon on privacy issues with their own products:…

So rearranging my home screen is effectively impossible in iOS 11. Drag icon, drop icon on a different screen.. voila icon floats away and returns to whence it came.

Following up having my braces adjusted with going to a grill with my wife’s university colleagues turned out to be the worst decision ever.

A simple test I wish more product testers did. Run the sign up process in your app on a real device and click your link to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

You’d be surprised how often that is unreadable or plain fails to display.

I really hope @Manton gets around to releasing an iPad version of the Micro Blog for iOS app soon.

So iOS 11 PB 3 has this weird bug where most of my iCloud shared albums aren’t shown on my iPad. They still exist but iCloud just decided I didn’t need to see them. Tried signing out, rebooting and signing back in. No dice. Really fun bug.

I really want to try my hand at Fiasco. It looks like the perfect game for role players who no longer have time or sufficient people for a proper campaign.

Great day at Århus Brætspilscafé yesterday. Played productive rounds of Cards Against Humanity and Zombicide.

Most importantly though, seeing all my old friends again and meeting a new one for the first time.

Can’t wait to return and do it all again at Christmas.

Tonight I learned that I’m must be a cheap date. 4 craft pints and one potion of fish and chips, both my friend and I are ready to call it a night.. at 19.30.

And today I blow this popsicle stand. Time to go visit my friends and family in Denmark. I’ll miss my wife but she’ll join me later.

The lovely Nathan Dyer published a roadmap for his Vocal podcast client and its filled with rantings from yours truly.

And astonishingly I’ve turned 36 without having taken over the world. Really is that too much to ask for, global domination?

PiPifier is magic and its developer should be nominated for some kind of prize for services to mankind.

Correction, I fixed one transcoding error by updating stuff. Still work to do but after the last round of work I’m down to a handful of files which crash or otherwise breaks the process.

Fixed a bunch of transcode errors by updating Handbrakes bundled libogg and libvorbis. No regressions so far.

There’s a certain joy in compiling git master of a vital application and just having it work. There’s also a certain joy when it doesn’t.

Since most people use the shitty routers which come from their ISPs and never get updates I suspect Cherry Blossom has had a ridiculously easy time infecting just about everybody. It’s past time we demand better security and support, nay mandate it by law.