macOS 10.13.1 PB 2, great. PB 3 however has locked up twice. Most likely WindowServer.

This makes me think that an Alsup appreciation reverse engineered version of QuickBASIC for modern hardware would be worthwhile.…

Switching from tmux to screen seems a better fit for using with mosh and Blink. Scrolling works naturally on the iPad while retaining all tha is great about mosh.

I’d really love a port of @camouflaj’s Republique for the Apple TV. It would be great on that platform.

If Apple has any mercy they’d spend some of the content creation money rebooting Scrapheap Challenge in the vein of the early UK seasons.

Really enjoying tmux+blink but when on my Mac it kills copy pasting. No nice things!…

I decided in honor of my sisters birthday to subject myself to pain, hence I’m going to the dentist today to have my braces adjusted.

Mindhunter really is rather fabulous.

KRACK Attack totally devastating WPA2 is going to be a big bummer. I predict most ISP supplied home routers will not get an update.

Yesterday I found myself compiling Rust from git to make Ion Shell compile on macOS. It’s really rather a neat piece of work but not terribly stable on what is to it an unsupported platform. Overall the process of replacing my tools with safe alternat8vely is going well.

Dear app developers, please stop calling your Electron apps native desktop apps. They are not, they are wrapped web apps. They never work right and they always end up sucking up resources.

I’m hoping that @workingcopyapp will support @keybaseio’s new encrypted git repos. Since that’s a lot of work, I bought acquired the push support IAP to help feed @palmin

More therapeutic cooking.

Tomato breads and vegetable broth.


3 mails from @haveibeenpwned in one day, a new record.

I really wish @keybaseio had an iPad client. With iOS 11 their encrypted git and folders feature feels like a natural fit for the platform.

I did something today and surprisingly I didn’t use Bash.. granted I can’t see how that would help me shower my dog but still I’ll call it a win.

I’m sharing this because Brett begged me to: Enter to win 60 Mac Tips Volumes 1 AND 2! #60tips… via @ttscoff

How much money is PayPal worth? They must be circling the drain as they can’t seem to afford an iPad app.

brew install python3

My life has suddenly taken a dark turn.

Therapeutic bit of baking.