My dachshund is the most epic napper I’ve ever known.

Gave up on sleep, took my morning amphetamine and powered through instead. It paid off as I already filed 3 detailed bug reports this morning for 100% reliable app crashes.

No, you cannot have nice things if I can’t have sleep.

Texas, welcome to the genocide state. [Mass Graves of Immigrants Found in Texas, But State Says No Laws Were Broken Democracy Now!](

After having used Sublime Text for ages, after reinstalling on my new Mac I can’t seem to get the Fish Shell package working again.. rather than waste my time I tried out Visual Studio Code and it is rather magnificent for the purpose.

Okay, since @snwh consistently is the better chef I thought I’d up my presentation at least.

I truly need something that makes gitlab’s site look like github’s site. It would save a lot of confusion on my end which I am not proud to admit.

So I could either pay $99 for a Developer Account or sell my organs for a Shortcuts App invite.

Been playing Civilization IV and Beyond Earth the past few days, Beyond Earth is the better game. Far more fun to play. I especially do not like the districts and the changes to the worker unit in IV.

Behind every crime.. I find my dachshund.

She’s a smooth haired criminal.

I’ve found through practical use that surprisingly @siracusa is wrong. The Migration Assistant just fucked up everything. I had to reset everything. Also fucked up my @backblaze backup which now refuses to inherit the old state.

This is going to take weeks to clean up properly..

So Santa.. about those Samsung 8TB SSDs…

I’m back home in Brazil and now…

The one thing I find charming about the American South is the fact that every woman knows everybody’s name (Sugar, Honey and Darling.. in that order apparently)… However, when I try doing that it comes off quite… stalkery.

Most valuable lesson learned during this visit to Denmark. Do not.. ever.. go drinking with a volunteer bartender who is 10 years your junior.. you will end walking home in the cold with absolutely no money and no memory of how it happened except “my friend, fancy a pint?”

Mission log: As expected I survived another year and I have now spent 37 years living amongst these curious humans… I’m still not sure why dogs don’t run this planet.

Given any sufficiently large text input box I will eventually try to write Markdown or shell script in it. As evident in my currently Soulver sheet… started as quick math, grew into a budget sheet. Reasoned about choices in text and then suddenly… 4 pages of syntax dabbling..

Even with a fusion drive the 27” iMac performs great under macOS 10.14 (developer beta). The same can’t be said for 10.13.x as it is currently shipped, you will, like I, want to throw that thing out a window.

Luckily on the 27” you can also easily upgrade memory.

I got my hands on the iOS 12 developer beta just to check out Apple Books and it is just a lick of paint on top of the existing utterly broken foundation.

Still locks up on large collections, still downloads all manners of books without being asked, still fails to open books.

And my Mac Mini 2011 is officially not supported by Mojave. Hopefully it can be abused into running.

Excited about Apple Books, I love iBooks but the underlying technology is just broken. Hoping this isn’t just a fresh coat of paint and rather represents serious effort put into the app.