At dinner last night Micro Bauer pointed out that I had forgotten to add his progress to the daily report. Hence a short update on the progress for Smuxi in a separate post.

Smuxi GTK#3 with connection dialog That is Smuxi as of last night, the new feature is that the connection dialog is now on GTK#3.

As Smuxi uses the Stetic GUI designer to define these dialogs, and since Stetic is using GTK#2 for the time being Mirco worked with Stephan Sundermann to create an tool similar to the Bindinator to transform Stetic's XML output into the .ui format used by Glade3. This shows that the tool works and that interfaces constructed using Stetic can be moved to GTK#3 and Glade3 without having to throw out existing work which should aid in moving applications to the GNOME 3 platform.

So there you have it, the .NET + GNOME hackfest has now delivered Banshee, Pinta and Smuxi on GTK#3 with Banshee being close to usable and having seen a release. We have demonstrated GStreamer# 1.x and WebKitGTK3#, shipped the base packages (GTK#3 and Mono 3.x) along with fixes to long standing bugs on Linux and this is only day 2 of the week long event.

We are very pleased with the progress so far and we hope that everyone else is too.