Day 3 started early, while our hack room was in use for a class, people started work directly after breakfast at the hotel.

Breakfast hacking


Stephen Shaw has been hunting a bug which was introduced by yesterdays merges which caused metadata to not be written back to photos. Stephen also updated Taglib# to have better compatibility with MonoDevelop.

Bertrand Lorentz and Stephen Shaw also discussed which parts of Banshee could be shared with F-Spot outside the Hyena code.

MonoDevelop GTK#3 application template

Porting our existing applications to GTK#3 is just one aspect of embracing the GNOME 3 platform, we'd also like to enable developers to make new GTK#3 applications from scratch in MonoDevelop.

To enable this Robert Nordan has added a GTK#3 application template to MonoDevelop, however since Stetic (and MonoDevelop) remain GTK#2 applications for now, developers will have to launch Glade3 separately to build the actual UI.

MonoDevelop GTK#3 solution MonoDevelop GTK#3 solution


Jared Jennings made great progress on Tomboy for OS X, it now correctly handles the headline feature of Tomboy, the wiki style links between notes. Saving notes now mostly works correctly and a troublesome crash was eliminated (while also removing code, the best kind of fix).

Rich text styling still is a work in progress but Tomboy for OS X now works more or less as expected and a release seems on the horizon.

Tomboy for OS X

Stefan Hammer got his rich text metadata detection code working for Tomdroid with help from Timo Dörr. The only thing holding up a Tomdroid release now is updating the note synchronization handling which is slated to be done tomorrow.


Stephan Sundermann and Andres G. Aragoneses started porting Banshee to GStreamer# 1.0. Thus Banshee 2.9.1 will default to using the same GStreamer# backend for all platforms which is a big step forward in both stability and uniformity of the Banshee experience which users are sure to appreciate.

Banshee is keeping the libbanshee C shim that is currently being used for the Banshee stable Linux release but a patch will be added to support GStreamer 1.x should distributions elect not to use GStreamer# (e.g. if that package is not, yet, available).

Eventually libbanshee will go away entirely, hopefully without anyone even noticing.


Mirco Bauer has been reimplementing the menu bar design using Glade, this task was not suitable for the same kind of conversion as was used yesterday to get the connection dialog running so it had to be done from scratch.


Stephen Sundermann provided Hylke Bons with WebKitGTK# bindings and with very little effort Hylke was able to complete the GTK#3 port of SparkleShare.



Pinta, F-Spot and Tomboy all use mono-addins to provide a UI for handling extensions. Without a port of mono-addins to GTK#3 we will not be able to fully port these applications thus this task has taken on a degree of urgency. Andreia Gaita as it turned out did not have sufficient time to dedicate to the project.

The plan currently is for Robert Nordan and Stephen Shaw to take on this project tomorrow as it holds up both their application.


Bertrand Lorentz has been merging a lot of work coming from Stephan Sundermann's Bindinator work into the GTK#3 git repository.


Jo Shields has been building and uploading many of the Mono stack packages to Debian Experimental as well as his Monoxide PPA (for Ubuntu 13.04). Jo has also been working on making the Debian package for MonoDevelop use the system mono-addins rather than the copy that comes bundled with MonoDevelop.

Packages should also be available for openSUSE Factory courtesy of Stephen Shaw.

None of our ported applications are currently available for installation as they depend on the packages above and because they are currently considered experimental and should not be used by ordinary users.


We are really grateful for the chance to spend this week working on Open Source software and it would not be possible if not for our sponsors.

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