Last night everyone ended up working till midnight and beyond, so this morning was dutifully affected.

This is also the day we say goodbye to Jo Shields, who is going home to spend well earned time with his family after closing 21 bugs against Debian, updating packages and providing invaluable assistance guiding the path ahead for distributing and developing .NET for the GNOME platform.

From all of us here, thank you for your time and company Jo.


Stephen Shaw managed to fix a major crash in F-Spot and closed a number of bugs with invaluable assistance from Ailin Nemui on #F-Spot on IRC.

Applying filters to images now works as expected, images can be be rotated again and the F-Spot codebase has seen a great number of cleanups and refactoring.

Once Stephen is happy with the state of git master, the plan is to branch off and start the port to GTK#3. The hope is that this will be the case by the end of the day or early tomorrow.

As it has been 2 years and 9 months since the last stable F-Spot release a number of improvements has been introduced, getting that work into users hands is considered a high priority. Causing further delays by also having a release wait for a GTK#3 port and UI refresh would be undesirable. That being said we are happy to welcome the branch for the GTK#3 port of F-Spot.

This doesn't mean that a release is going to be issued tomorrow but it does mean that Stephen has the option to do so at his discretion.

Implementing filters in F# to increase performance is also a venue of possible investigation for the future as F# should be very well suited for this task without dropping the advantages of using .NET and fully managed code. When demonstrating the current UI to Hylke Bons he noted that the live filters was slower than desired and

Stephen has also been investigating a UI refresh with assistance from Hylke Bons, since the GTK#3 port is going to take a while and be a fairly big task it is a good time to also start thinking about ways to refresh the look and feel of F-Spot.


Stephan Sundermann and Andres G. Aragoneses's work on the GStreamer# 1.0 port has made great progress going from yesterday's 177 errors and 2 warnings to 19 errors.

This is taking longer than expected due to API changes and the fact that the handcrafted GStreamer# 0.10 bindings had glue code which has had to be implemented for the autogenerated GStreamer# 1.0 bindings.

As a side effect the GStreamer# port has spawned a number of fixes to GTK#3 which will benefit the entire GNOME .NET ecosystem. Stephan Sundermann also managed to fix a bug in upstream GStreamer.

Bertrand Lorentz has been porting Banshee to GSettings and merging all of the work submitted to GTK#3.


Mirco Bauer has everything in Smuxi ported to GTK#3 except the preferences dialog which he has decided is better suited for a reimplementation than direct porting to adopt the design proposed by Georgi Karavasilev.


Hylke Bons, Jared Jennings, Timo Dörr and I discussed designs for Tomboy for OS X and GNOME 3. Several good ideas for the direction forward were found and mockups of these will now be needed to guide implementation. We have also started gathering statistics on how many notebooks, notes and the average size of a note to guide certain choices.

We want to capture the essence of Tomboy, and it is felt that the existing GNOME Notes design is a poor fit for Tomboy. This is primarily because the standout feature of Tomboy is the ability to link notes via the note title, and the GNOME Notes design deemphasizes the note title in favor of a thumbnail of the note content.

Tomboy also at its core doesn't feel right being a full screen application, and instead is better suited to be essentially note windows to be summoned and created at will without taking over the entire desktop.

Stefan Hammer worked on rewriting the synchronization in Tomdroid to fix bugs and make the code more robust, with this done a release should be possible. Likewise Jared Jennings has started implementing synchronization for Tomboy for OS X.

Timo Dörr aside assisting Stefan to ensure that Tomdroid works with Rainy, fixed a few bugs in the web interface for Rainy.


Outside of lending his design expertise Hylke Bons managed to fix a few bugs in SparkleShare, add an AppData file to support the GNOME Software Center and he decided to relicense the SparkleLib library as LGPL which will allow other applications to integrating it more easily.

Finally with the help of Andres, Mirco and Lluis Sanchez's wonderful gui-thread-checker, Hylke managed to commit a fix for a long standing bug in SparkleShare which could cause a half gig DBus error message.

We decided that the gui-thread-check was such a useful tool, that Mirco added it to the Debian GTK#3 dev package to have it be available easily for developers.


Robert Nordan implemented a GTK#3 version of mono-addins, the current work in progress version can be found on his GitHub page. This removes an important blocker to porting Tomboy, Pinta and F-Spot to GTK#3.


MonoDevelop GTK#3 Application Template

The GTK#3 application template is now available for both MonoDevelop 3 and 4, and has been made available via GitHub and via the MonoDevelop Add-in repository.

Attendee dinner

Tonight was also our attendee dinner along with some invited guests from Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, as a thank you for lending us their facilities for the hackfest.

Of course after having ingested delicious local Austrian nourishment, the hackers dutifully went back to work to bring awesome to our users.


We are really grateful for the chance to spend this week working on Open Source software and it would not be possible if not for our sponsors.

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