News still not coming to more regions is just sad at this point.

So Siri Shortcuts is Workflow, useful but possibly limited. Look forward to prodding it with a stick.

WWDC really is like Christmas for me, new shiny toys to break and explore.

iOS 12 supporting my iPad Air is a big load off my mind. I’m happy Apple did the right thing for their users.

Who ever came up with the salad and kebab pizza is a genius. Soggy warm salad on a pizza should not work, yet add dressing and it magically becomes the king of pizzas.


And I am off to visit my family in Denmark… be excellent internet people.

Twitter: we love you so do you have any suggestions? Users: Get rid of the Nazis and the trolls Twitter: 3rd party developers are evil you say, righto!

There’s a new version of Tweetbot for macOS but in the light of this and other 3rd party hostile moves I can’t really justify buying it despite wishing to support the developer of my favorite Twitter client. It just seems sadly doomed.

Holy crap @LouisDhauwe literally just pushed a new TestFlight beta while I was downloading the previous build. The man is shaming me with his progress.

Maxine Waters is my hero.…

I love Zootopia but I just realized one weird thing. They don’t appear to have the police academy in the city, instead they seem to train like damn militia somewhere in the boonies.

Now you too can glorify the apartheid regime. Because who wouldn’t want to be nostalgic about brutality and racism.

S.A.R.P Bullion Blazer Badges & Memorabilia…


Feeling productive today, fixed a bug and cleaned the fridge.

Woke up at 5.30am with a clear idea of how to fix a specific bug.. tried to ignore the feeling for 30 mins to sleep.. eventually gave up, fixed bug in 5 mins. Now I’m wide awake.

It’s a blessing and a curse.

The thing is, everybody says they want Apple to do a no features WWDC but frankly after Google IO I fail to see how that is going to happen. They are behind with Siri, their OSes need major work and fixing bugs won’t cut it.

Set up DNSCrypt Proxy on my Mac and installed DNS Cloak on all my iOS devices. Because why not add 200ms latency to all my DNS requests for some security. As an added bonus I also get DNS based ad and tracking blocking.

The only comic I read religiously is Knights of the Dinner Table and the lovely people at @kenzerco and @BundleHolding are having a great deal to get people into the series. For people who enjoy role playing humor and long intricately weaved stories spanning years of issues.

NPR buys Pocketcast

NPR bought @pocketcast, my podcast player of choice. For the owners of Shifty Jelly this is likely a great thing but for me as a user it fills me with sadness and fear. I have faithfully supported and recommended the app for years, I own the app on platforms I don’t even use (Android and web). It’s a glorious application with great features, smooth performance despite my ridiculously oversized library (110 feeds) and wide device support (the latest version even supports my ancient iPhone 5 without any degradation in the experience) but today I’m switching to @overcastfm.

My reason is primarily a fear that after being bought by a player who has already taken steps to invade the privacy of listeners and obtaining leadership from Clear Channel. While they have not yet taken steps in that direction I want to get off their service before they announce such “improvements” to the user experience. Not a word in their issued statement has reassured me that they will never do so and frankly what would NPR’s interest be if it wasn’t to generate revenue in such a manner given their past behavior.

Meanwhile the developer of Overcast has taken an admirable stance on privacy, actively removing data from his service and deploying protections against tracking. I believe such efforts should be rewarded even though currently I feel that Overcast is objectively a less attractive app. Performance can improve, the iPad experience can get nicer and eventually my iPhone 5 will die, I will hand my money to Apple and once again be able run the latest version on my phone.

Today’s lunch.

Burger with pickled ginger, carrot, red onion, cucumber, salad from the garden and a touch of garlic and herb sauce on a focaccia bun.

The focaccia bread was so delicious we are 2/3ths of it before considering the need for a picture