My wish was granted and, @louisdhauwe, all round amazing person, author of Pixure, PanelKit, OpenTerm, and many other awesome things which shatter every limit you thought your iPad had, has joined

People who write command line tools which return 0 even when experiencing error conditions are horrible. Whenever I have to deal with such an application I am struck by the desire to continually rub hot sauce in my eyes as a preferable alternative.

My dog is an annoying little shit. She had to spend the night at our place because her nighttime family are traveling for the funeral. She therefore decided to wake us up multiple time during the night to pee and look for her missing people.

What a morning, my wife’s maternal grandmother (and last remaining grandparent) died at 3.33 after a short period of illness.

I’d really like a HomePod, we used to listen to a lot of music but after my surround setup died having to have the TV on has seriously hampered that.

And one of my favorite people of all time, @donmelton, is now on

Welcome Don

Finally got around to watching Dave Letterman’s new interview show on @Netflix. Delightful, minimalistic and full of heart. I can’t wait for future editions.

My parents returned to Denmark yesterday after a 3 week visit, the sadness of saying goodbye and not knowing when I will see them again required a distraction so I baked 5 grain bread with lime and orange zest.

While I feel no happier, the kitchen at least smells delightfully.

My dog seems to think that washing our hands is bad because it indicates that she is dirty (which she is) and therefore needs a bath (which she does).

Therefore in her mind washing hands is the gateway to dachshund cleanliness which in turn is a sure sign of the apocalypse.

The world apparently mourns Ingmar Kamprad, creative tax evader. Rumors that he is to be buried in a low cost pinewood coffin of elegantly minimal Scandinavian design are as of yet unconfirmed.

Horrified to learn that our friend and her 1 year old needed to get out of their house as her partners struggle with depression led to him being violent in front of their child. Both are now safe in my home for as long as they need and he is being committed for treatment.

My wife and I have been binge watching Dirk Gently on Netflix the past two days and I dearly hope Netflix will pick up the show on their own after BBC America cancelled it. Such a delightful series, weird and wonderful.

As part of an experiment I’m writing a script to run validation testing on all my files and marking them accordingly.

To celebrate the New Year I made a family of origami Dachshunds

Dog returned from the v, e, t, after having her stitches removed. Good as new and damn photogenic.

Just to underline how much Roy and his hateful ilk can stuff their hate.

Here for your enjoyment is the infamous photo of me “worshipping” the Microsoft NERD building in appreciation for a great hackfest event spent with friends making software.

Is Launchd just entirely useless. I tell it to run a job every 5 mins and while I don’t mind it being rescheduled a little for power efficiency or whatever… that shouldn’t mean “fuck off and don’t run for hours and hours”.

I understand this evening holds significance to a lot of people. However as an atheist it means nothing to me personally and as we don’t exchange presents in my immediate family, tonight will just be good food in the company of family. Extremely non-stressing, highly recommended.

This whole Apple battery thing has me feeling okay about my iPhone 5, utterly unaffected, still slow as hell after replacing the battery.

Greatly enjoying Manhunt: Unabomber on Netflix. Great story telling and acting to tell the story of an important monster to examine and understand.