I really hope that Apple will rewrite the Mac App Store app before the end of the year. It’s just awful in every way.

For the price of one iMac 21.5” with Retina (with a shitty HDD and 8GB of RAM). I can get a 256GB 10.5” iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard, and a 64GB iPhone SE.

That’s a little crazy to me. Two super computers for the price of one. It’s a better deal in so many ways.

I really wish I could clear the recent tab or selectively remove items from it in the Files app on iOS 11.

I think Corbin’s narrow loss shows that opposition to conservatives doesn’t have to take the form of a mere lighter version of their evil.

So begins the restore of my iPad, it got itself stuck on the logo during startup and no amount of hard rebooting would revive it. I’ll really miss iOS 11.

Today’s production. Blonde ale bread and dried herbs.

Would anyone happen to know the dimensions of the box the 21.5” iMac comes in. Just wondering if it will fit as carry on.

Damn APFS makes this feel like a new machine. I’ve used many file systems over the years and none have represented as massive an upgrade as APFS on my Mac in terms of overall impact on feel.

Having a lot of fun testing WebTorrent in the latest Safari Preview. Working really well.

Okay updating my Mac to High Sierra and converting my root file system to APFS (external drive has been APFS for a couple of months without any issue).

Weird recharging issue after updating to iOS 11. iPad Air will recharge if connected to my Mac Mini but not if connected to my wall charger.

Really enjoyed JourneyQuest 3, especially the insult fight.

Of all my apps it seems only Trello doesn’t start on iOS 11. That is surprising to me, it seems Apple and app developers alike have been doing really good work.

So far I’m am liking iOS 11 on my iPad Air. Of course there are the usual slowness and abundance of crashes with such early software but the fundamentals feel good.

Eager to see how it shakes out but a little bummed they managed to break iBooks as much as they did though.

How do Apple manage to break iBooks with every major release? It’s quite astonishing for an app which sees as little development as it does.

There would be obvious problems with it but imagine if the HomePod was also a mesh network pod like an Eero unit. Providing audio and connectivity in every room.

My wife watched some of the keynote with me, I suspect she was a bit worried that I was cheering. She remains married to me so that wasn’t the breaking point of weirdness.

iOS 11 looks good but it’s very slow and battery hungry in its current state. I also find it a tad more confusing but that’s likely just a matter of playing with it until I’m comfortable with its ideas. The new on screen keyboard is rather a good idea.

Surprisingly Apple managed to screw up iBooks even more in iOS 11. Now books in iCloud just plain don’t download which sucks when they are removed from the device to manage space during OS upgrades.

Oh the joys of early beta testing.

So my iPad Air went from having slide over multitasking in iOS 10 to no multitasking in iOS 11 it seems.