And like so I’m poor once again. Transferred the first payment for construction of our new home.

Burgers without gari should be at least a a sizable fine and mandatory rehab. Also good with grilled meats and hot dogs.

I suspect people who watch Fox News for news coverage must also think that NCIS is a documentary series. Sleeper cells everywhere trying to take down pure and innocent nation.

I love my iPad but since I don’t have replacement batteries for my keyboard just yet I’m struck by how often I reach for the keyboard and just how many tasks now no longer work as smoothly.

Apparently I’ve depleted the batteries in my Logitech Folio keyboard. 1.5 years of heavy use out of 2 3V CR2032’s is okay I suppose.

I’m fairly proud of myself, I wrote 600 lines of bash which a) works exactly as it should and b) I, despite valiant efforts, have been unable to reduce to a burning heap of crap in any way.

Tomorrow I will attempt to translate it to Ion.

Hurrah, iOS 11.1 PB 5 was fixed while I was sleeping and now my iPad is happily updating.

Apparently the good folks at Apple made a boo-boo on the 11.1 Public Beta 5 update. For lots of people, myself included, it downloads, reboots a few times but never installs.

Mistakes were made but no worries.

This weekend my wife and I have been married for 6 years. She has graciously offered me another 6 year trial extension.

macOS 10.13.1 PB 2, great. PB 3 however has locked up twice. Most likely WindowServer.

This makes me think that an Alsup appreciation reverse engineered version of QuickBASIC for modern hardware would be worthwhile.…

Switching from tmux to screen seems a better fit for using with mosh and Blink. Scrolling works naturally on the iPad while retaining all tha is great about mosh.

I’d really love a port of @camouflaj’s Republique for the Apple TV. It would be great on that platform.

If Apple has any mercy they’d spend some of the content creation money rebooting Scrapheap Challenge in the vein of the early UK seasons.

Really enjoying tmux+blink but when on my Mac it kills copy pasting. No nice things!…

I decided in honor of my sisters birthday to subject myself to pain, hence I’m going to the dentist today to have my braces adjusted.

Mindhunter really is rather fabulous.

KRACK Attack totally devastating WPA2 is going to be a big bummer. I predict most ISP supplied home routers will not get an update.

Yesterday I found myself compiling Rust from git to make Ion Shell compile on macOS. It’s really rather a neat piece of work but not terribly stable on what is to it an unsupported platform. Overall the process of replacing my tools with safe alternat8vely is going well.

Dear app developers, please stop calling your Electron apps native desktop apps. They are not, they are wrapped web apps. They never work right and they always end up sucking up resources.