And once again our house flooded.. roughly an inch of water in the living room. Oh joy.

I get a lot of enjoyment out of @arstechnica so I decide to become a subscriber. I’d like to see them on though, it would make spotting articles a bit easier.

The absolutely best time for heavy enough rainfall to flood into my house is absolutely right after we both showered and changed into our party clothes. That made for the fanciest rescue and cleaning operation in a while.

Yesterday I made baked hot dogs and I had some extra dough which was going to be pizza but ended up as a nice loaf of bread with herbs.

Today’s production, rye breads made with dark beer and rye flakes.

I think this sums up America pretty well.

After providing radiation, the state insisted the cancer was in remission and prioritized his execution over further treatment.

Lubuntu, providing information in busses here in Curitiba.

I’ve been rewatching Time Team the past few weeks and rediscovering how great TV can be as a teaching tool. There really isn’t much well presented science available anymore and it’s a shame.

Dear @Netflix, could you please bring this to live with a big budget. [Terry Pratchett’s DISCWORLD is Coming to TV Nerdist](

Apple just murdered Books in the latest iOS beta. It’s literally unusable. Continues to reload and repopulate the entire database on every app launch. You can’t open any books. It’s completely unusable.

How did this slip past testing?

Best use of a Reddit AMA in ages, getting Bill Gates to use his muscle to directly make Windows more accessible.

Finally watched Coco yesterday. Tears may have been shed by wife and husband both.

The filesystem is lying to me, and I can’t fix it. A tale of woe and incompetence.

My problem is that the tag utility I use to write metadata tags to my files in my scripts will report that the operation has been completed but on my external APFS spinning platter drive (yes I know not my brightest idea ever) if I immediately afterwards do a query it won’t always be the case. I assume from experience with file systems on Linux that this is due to design decisions in APFS which mean anything you really want to make sure is on disk now needs to be manually synced.

Investigating the sadly dormant codebase for the tagging tool, the saving operation seems to be handled by this function.…

So how do you tell NSURL setResourceValue that it needs to apply the hammer?

Since according to the documentation is returns yes when things are written to disk then it should already do that but evidence indicates that this is not the case.…

There also doesn’t seem to be a flag on NSURL to mark the object as critical and needing an fsync performed.

I suppose I could try something truly hideous like looping over the above operation a few times to ensure that the message got through.

What I ended up doing was inserting sleep 5 after every interaction with the tagging tool in my scripts to ensure that some time had passed to allow things to have settled on disk.

This makes me feel incompetent and thus remains my tale of woe.

All I wanted to know was is it was possible to do tell what turned out to be NSURL setResourceValue to do the equivalent of an fsync() to ensure data was written to disk immediately.

To its credit the Apple documentation is quite ok but still no real answer.

I like to think that while my own programming abilities only extend to writing marginally worthwhile shell scripts I can read code quite well… today I had to read some ObjC code and my world view was shattered.

Objective C is like a different solar system.

It really shouldn’t be this hard to be able to derive a Plex item ID from the path to a file.

One literally it seems has to parse the database, there isn’t a way to do it in one delightful command line invocation.

The other way around sure, Plex Media Scanner does the trick.

I acquired some devilishly hot nameless peppers from my neighbor.

Only one thing to do, fermented hot sauce with undertones of mint and basil.

Numbs the lips with heat in just the right way.

Lots of tics today and the second night with practically no sleep.

Barely left the sofa at all, frankly the only thing that cheers me up is yesterday’s progress on my automation project.

In doubt if my flavored faux naan bread would work so I made a backup Tomato and Red Ale loaf.

I just rediscovered the old truth that the file system lies to you. So.. alcohol. Alcohol never lies to me. It’s delicious and it doesn’t cause me to have to redesign a shit ton of my scripts.