Podcasts are awful.. mistakes happen but it seems to hard to correct them without making a mess.

Thus saying we all: Thine technology stack doesn’t adapt well to changes in existing items.

Also it would be nice if the iOS contacts app allowed you to manage contacts in groups. You can do it on iCloud.com but not in the apps as far as I can tell.

There are so many things I want from WWDC. Top of the list is separating keyboard layout locale and autocorrect locale since hardware keyboards never change their layout but the input language can. Having them tied together is an endless pain.

Since WWDC now has a Podcast studio and they rebranded to Apple Podcasts, I wonder if they have Podcast announcements to make at WWDC.

I just realized that the “Platforms State of the Union” is happening right in the middle of my Portuguese class.

Just feeling awful, it’s so much harder to be thankful for the small things than it used to be. I even managed to break my favorite soup pot somehow. It’s like my ability to break software without trying has migrated to apply to my life.

This has just been the absolute worst month. Credit card got abused, problem with my retirement payment, father in law nearly died and grandmother in law is in the hospital with severe health problems. So many things just went wrong.

Two days ago my father in law was in a bike accident. He’ll need surgery to repair his face. He is only alive because he wore the helmet my wife and I bought him.

Know when you are lucky and take heed of lessons from your bad decisions.

In feel Reddit as a community gets a bad rep I always found people there helpful and kind.. except for r/politics which is, sadly, expected.

Spend two days reworking my Hazel media rules to use tvnamer, only to discover that it uses an old XML API for TVdb which will be discontinued in October. I wonder how hard rewriting it in Swift would be without any experience.

The size limits for the ban are 16 x 9.3 x 1.5 (in cm). iPhone 7 Plus dimensions are 15.8 x 7.79 x 0.73 (in cm).

Plenty of thickness margin to add a slide down hardware keyboard attachment in the style of the Nokia N900.

With the insane ban on tablets and computers on flights , I predict a big uptick in iPhone 7 Plus sized phones with keyboard attachments.

I don’t understand the U.K. Election system. It seems marginally more insane than the US electoral college design by adding a sort of flea market for votes.


So apparently Plex has designed their iOS and tvOS apps to make it impossible to delete a playlist within them. I had to use the web interface. That was unexpected.

I always loved art forgeries, the exquisite detail of the homage and the technics for bypassing detection. I suspect it’s why I find fuzzing software so fascinating as well.

Still tweaking my automated video transcoding flow. There must be a way to suspend such a task to ensure it only runs and resumes at night.

So I setup Hazel to feed every video file available to video-transcoding. Hopefully I’ll hit more fun bugs.

My CPU is going to hate me.

In related news, I’ve now learned a lot about how to work with Ruby. Needs more helpful error messages though.

Behold the glory of my creation, and I only introduced one new bug.

I have, hopefully, mended something. Specifically a bug in @donmelton’s transcoding tools. github.com/donmelton…